Our technology

At Mission Dental we use technology that allows us to work with both efficiency and accuracy.
Listed below are just a few devices that we have been able to incorporate since opening in December of 2018.

Digital X-rays

The decision to switch from conventional film to digital x-rays was an easy one for many dental providers.  Film takes time to be developed, while digital x-rays are immediately processed and available to view.  One of the greatest benefits of digital x-rays is that 70% less radiation is required to produce the same quality image as film.



The “no-dose” solution for detecting decay and cracks in teeth.  Absolutely zero ionizing radiation is used for this image.  DEXIS CariVu™ uses of near-infrared transillumination technology.  This is a non-invasive alternative to X-rays when they are difficult to obtain or simply not needed.

Mouthwatch Intraoral Camera

This camera captures crystal clear intraoral images, which are diagnostic quality.  The intraoral camera is an amazing tool that allows patients to see exactly what we see.

WaveOne® Gold Endodontic System

The WaveOne® Gold solution brings together proven products designed to work together into one endodontic system for efficiency and confidence in a variety of cases.

3-Shape Trios Scanner

The award-winning TRIOS intraoral scanners include powerful features such as wireless functionality, a flexible MOVE setup to engage patients, and an unrivaled open ecosystem. Add best-in-class patient excitement apps and groundbreaking preventative care possibilities.