Dental extractions

Welcome to Mission Dental, proudly providing dental extractions in Nashville. We are a full-service dental practice that provides quality care and comprehensive solutions for all your dental needs. Our experienced staff of professionals, led by Dr. Makeya Jenkins, is committed to providing you with the highest level of personalized service in a warm and comfortable environment.

At Mission Dental, we understand that dental extractions can be a very daunting and intimidating process for many patients. That’s why we strive to make the entire experience as stress-free and comfortable as possible. We provide thorough education so that you understand what is involved in the procedure and how it will impact your oral health. We also offer a wide range of sedation options to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable throughout the process.

Family smiling after Dental Extractions in Nashville

What are Dental Extractions?

Dental extractions are standard procedures we perform to remove teeth that are damaged or decayed beyond repair. At Mission Dental in Nashville, TN, Dr. Makeya Jenkins is an experienced dentist specializing in dental extractions and has performed hundreds of successful extractions throughout her career.

What are the Reasons for Dental Extractions?

You may need a dental extraction if you have a severely decayed or broken tooth or if the tooth is too damaged to be saved. If you have advanced periodontal disease, the tooth may need to be removed to prevent the spread of infection. Dr. Jenkins will always try to save the tooth first if she can. She will take x-rays and discuss treatment options with you to determine if we can fix the tooth with a filling, crown, or root canal. If the tooth is too damaged to save, she will discuss the extraction procedure and the options for replacing the tooth with you. Other reasons may include the following:

  • To make room for orthodontic treatments, such as braces.
  • To remove wisdom teeth that are impacted or poorly positioned.
  • To remove teeth that have become loose due to periodontal (gum) disease.
  • To relieve crowding in the mouth.
  • To remove teeth that are blocking the eruption of other teeth.

Dental Extractions Process and Procedure

Dr. Jenkins begins the extraction process by taking x-rays of your mouth to get an accurate picture of the teeth and the surrounding structures. After reviewing the x-rays, Dr. Jenkins will discuss the various options for extracting the teeth, including simple extractions, surgical extractions, and extractions due to impacted teeth or impacted wisdom teeth.

Once the extraction process is initiated, Dr. Jenkins will apply a local anesthetic to the area of the mouth we are treating to make the extraction process more comfortable and less painful for the patient. After the anesthetic has taken effect, Dr. Jenkins will carefully remove the tooth using specialized dental tools. Once we remove the tooth, Dr. Jenkins will clean the area and stitch it up as necessary.

At Mission Dental, Dr. Makeya Jenkins and her team strive to provide the highest quality care for every patient undergoing dental extraction. We understand the importance of ensuring that the extraction process is as pain-free and comfortable as possible, and they work hard to ensure that the extraction process is completed quickly and safely. Dr. Jenkins has years of experience performing dental extractions and a proven track record of successful extractions. 

Dental Extractions in Nashville

If you need a dental extraction in Nashville, TN, Dr. Makeya Jenkins and her team at Mission Dental are the experts you can trust. Our team is dedicated to providing the best patient care possible, and they strive to ensure that each patient has a positive experience with their dental extraction. Schedule an appointment today.

We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.