Are you afraid of visiting the dentist? Have you had experiences from childhood that have put you off visiting your dentist in your adult life? If so, you aren’t alone. Many people have a phobia of dentists, and this sometimes puts them off making all those all-important appointments to care for their dental health. According to a survey released by Colgate, between 9 to 15 percent of people here in the US avoid going to the dentist in fear of discomfort and pain. 

But here’s the thing. Caring for your oral health is vitally important, not only for the sake of your pearly whites but for caring your overall wellbeing too. Dentists can diagnose a range of health conditions when looking in and around your mouth, so making those appointments on a regular basis is important. 

Here at Mission Dental, we understand the fears some of our patients might experience. For this reason, we do our very best to make their lives easier, and if you’re wondering how then you have come to the right place. 

Sedation Dentistry in Antioch City

Here at Mission Dental, there is much that we can do to make your life at our Antioch, Tennessee practice a more comfortable one. 

Our friendly staff will provide you with all of the comforts you need, from blankets and pillows to televisions and calming music, so you will soon be put at ease when you walk through our doors. We even have a snack bar on hand so you can nibble on something healthy to distract yourself from your nerves. 

We can also offer you Sedation Dentistry in Antioch, which is another way to calm and relax you if your nerves are still frazzled when you eventually sit down in the surgery room.

Sedation Dentistry is much the same as it is anywhere else, although you have the benefit of our warm and dedicated staff to reassure you, as well as those other comforting features that we just discussed. 

There are different forms of sedation that we can discuss with you, and these are all designed to calm your mind and body, and dull the discomfort that you might feel during treatment. Options of sedation include laughing gas and nitrous oxide. These forms of sedation are given by those who have had special training in general anesthesia, so you know you are in very safe hands if you choose these options. 

Oral sedation is another common method. By taking medication before treatment, you will feel relaxed before you sit in the dentist chair. Medications include Ativan, Xanax, and Valium. These provide moderate sedation and are prescribed because of their effectiveness and safety. 

Your dentist will talk to you more about these sedation methods and will discuss the right option for you, based on your medical history, levels of anxiety, and the procedures you will be in need of. 

If considering any sedation method, it is advisable to bring somebody along to the appointment with you, as you might feel a little drowsy or unwell after your appointment. Don’t worry though, as the side-effects don’t last for very long. 

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If you would like to know more about sedation dentistry in Antioch City, Tennessee, get in touch with our Mission Dental practice. Our friendly team are here to support your every dental need, so contact us through phone or email and arrange to make an appointment with us.