Clear Braces

How to Get Straight Teeth Without the Hassle of Traditional Braces

Do you find yourself avoiding pictures recently? Or covering your mouth with your hand when you smile or laugh? Insecurity surrounding teeth is not an uncommon thing, and thankfully, there’s quite a lot you can do about it. When most adolescents and adults think about straightening their teeth, their first thought has to do with traditional braces with their metal wires and brackets shining brightly for all to see. Let’s be honest, braces are not the most flattering things on the planet, but they’re one of the only ways to a straighter smile. So what if you could make your braces invisible? Well, it turns out you can with clear braces in Nashville!

clear braces nashville


ClearCorrect is a form of invisible braces that eliminates the need for typical braces and metal brackets. With custom-made aligners made from flexible and clear plastic, ClearCorrect can move your teeth and give you a straighter smile without the awkward appearance of regular braces. The process begins with a consultation with your dentist and a digital scan of your teeth. Based on those scans, a specific and customized orthodontic treatment plan is developed just for you.

When you first receive your clear and customized Clear braces in Nashville you may feel some pressure or discomfort – this is normal and will go away in a few days. You should wear your braces as often as possible and should only remove them for eating and drinking. You’ll wear a brand new set of aligners every 1-2 weeks, depending on what your dentist recommends. Meeting with your dentist every 6-8 weeks will give them the chance to monitor your progress and receive your next batch of ClearCorrect aligners. ClearCorrect treatment uses the latest in align technology and their invisible aligners do wonders for the alignment of your teeth. As far as payment goes, there are monthly payment options that can be worked out between you and your dentist.

You don’t need to get metal or ceramic braces that call attention to your crooked teeth, you can get ClearCorrect and improve your teeth transformation experience. Call Mission Dental in Nashville today and ask more about what ClearCorrect can do for your smile!